Aid A Veteran
Veteran and Homeless Should Never Be In The Same Sentence.


Below are real experiences from some of the people we have helped since we began Aid A Veteran.  

  1. Aid A Veteran is a wonderful group. They actually get out and try to find Vets to help. This is what is needed because not all veterans will actually ask for the help they need. Thanks Aid A Veteran for the work you do!
    Cherie Nations
  2. Aid A Veteran is a Godsend. Billy and Shane helped me more than they will ever they kept me from being evicted and being without electricity and water, my family appreciates everything they have done for us again thank you all at Aid a Veteran for what you do and God Bless you all.
    Dustin Martin
  3. I just want to let everyone know that after I exhausted all of my options with finding help for my electric and rent that was past due, that Aid A Veteran was the only group locally to stand up and help a fellow veteran. Thanks to them, my family is no longer struggling as bad as we were. Not only did they help with my bills, but were also kind enough to give me a weekend job so that I can help other veterans in the position that I was once in. Thank you, Aid A Veteran, for everything. I now have a lot more dignity thanks to you guys!!!!
    Jason Walkowiak and Family
  4. I saw a booth at a local restaurant in Cleveland. My son wanted a pin so we stopped. We talked about opportunities our veterans could be missing solely because they aren't aware of the help available to them. Shortly after, my husband and I fell on hard times, as everyone does, and needed a sturdy hand to pull us back up. Aid A Veteran was and still is that hand. Because of their help and support, myself and my husband were able to keep our budget in place and ultimately were able to get out of a small apartment and into a home, better suited for our growing family. Our credit is building, we have painted our new home, and are able to laugh and live freely because of their lasting support. So, from our hearts and the hearts of our children, THANK YOU AID A VETERAN!!
  5. It's hard to put in words, the feeling of such a burden being lifted off me. I live in apts where if your electric gets cut off, you have 24 hours to get it back on. If you do not [YOU'RE EVICTED]!! Mine was cut off at 9 am. Did all I could but literally call family and cry. The night before. Pride! By chance and mostly, I think, because of the way AAV gets the word out. A non vet got me in touch with Billy Dyer at AAV. My electric was back on before 3pm the same day. I do believe I would of lost my apt, I have nothing but heartfelt praise. You can tell these guys are for real. Certainly something I plan to be a part of as long as I can. thanks for the hope and help.
    Robert D. Hartlage
  6. Thanks for the help you all provided for my family and I. It was greatly appreciated!! My family really appreciates the help from the V.A.
    Donald Smith
  7. Thanks to Aid A Veteran, my husband and I are able to spend this month concentrating on our school studies rather than whether or not we will come home without utilities. We were really struggling the last few months as my husband and I are both full time students as well as student workers. We weren't working during the Christmas break and what little savings we had, were quickly gone. A friend paid our way into World of Wheels last weekend so we could have a little fun before school started Monday and we ran into Shane. We weren't expecting assistance when we honestly told him we couldn't purchase a hat because we couldn't even pay all our bills. He started talking to us and offered to pay a portion of our bill for us! We are so very thankful!!
    Crystal Walter
  8. Background: After leaving the Air Force I later had a kidney transplant in July 1988. Not to let it get the best of me in 1998 I got a job with a major local company, and my wife and I fostered 40-60 kids and adopted 6. Things were going great until my vision got bad. I quit work in early 2009 not willing to run over any kids or adults for that matter. It has been tough at times. Thanks to Aid A Vet for their help with utilities so I can concentrate on buying meds.
    Jerry Harden
  9. Aid-A-Veteran has been a tremendous help and blessings to me! They helped me when I was at the brink of being homeless Eviction notice (2 months behind) and Gas shut-off notice (3 months behind); not only paying what was behind but catching me up-to-date! The support and concern that Aid-A-Veteran (Billy and Shane)exhibited was exemplary! I highly recommend this organization for any Veteran who needs help and especially if they are on the precipice of homelessness! KUDOS and a BIG THANK YOU to Aid-A-Veteran!!!
    Ernie Durham
  10. I was in desperate need of help. All agencies i contacted for help with my power bill said they couldn't help me right now or they put me on a long list. I was so stressed out because of this I lost sleep. Within 24 hrs of me calling Billy Dyers my power was back on. We are a family of 6 (4 kids and 2 adults). Since I've been home from the Army I have never received help when needed it. But thanks to Aid a Veteran I got the help I needed. Thanks guys!
  11. I would really like to thank Aid A Veteran for making it possible for me to get this ramp.I can now get out and move around the area, also my three dogs love it! I can take them for walks again. I would like to say "Thank you again Aid A Veteran, and God Bless you all!"
    Bill Taff