Aid A Veteran
Veteran and Homeless Should Never Be In The Same Sentence.
About | Aid A Veteran
Aid a Veteran is a public, non-profit organization dedicated to helping
needy veterans of our armed forces who have fallen on hard times and
need assistance. AAV was founded to provide veterans with assistance for rent, utilities and more.

Too many of our veterans today are homeless. It is estimated that on any given
night, about 131,000 veterans are homeless in America. Below are statistics on
homeless veterans in the United States, as reported by the National Coalition for
homeless veterans.

• 12% of the homeless population in America are veterans
• 47% are Vietnam era vets
• 17% are post -Vietnam vets
• 15% are pre -Vietnam vets
• 67% served three or more years
• 33% served in war zones

In addition to the difficulties that lead to homelessness amorg the general population, veterans also often suffer from lingering service connected disabilities and mental illness, most notably Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as a result of time spent in war zones. According to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, the most effective programs for homeless veterans are local programs designed to provide monetary assistance (utilities and housing), job opportunities and community fellowship; while veterans get themselves back on the road to being the hero that was willing to "Give It All."

Billy Dyer
President & Founder